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Shared Services Organization as the New Program Manager

The Card Collaborative shared services organization has assumed the role of program manager engaging directly with issuing banks, processors, card fulfillment providers, and other service providers that best serve the needs of its members.  Think of the power of this model from a regulatory and oversight perspective: the shared services model dramatically simplifies the oversight responsibilities of the issuing banks.  Instead of having to manage and audit multiple program managers and back offices, the issuing bank only needs to go to one place to access everything it needs – the shared services organization.  This is part of the reason our model has become so successful and popular among programs and banks alike.  The shared services organization is also a powerful tool for traditional program managers:  program managers are able to achieve diversification with access to multiple banks and partners through the shared services organization without having to pay multiple minimums.  This also improves a member’s chance of success in getting a program approved.  If one bank is not able to accept a particular program, one of the other bank partners might.  Not all banks offer all card product types, therefore having access to multiple banks provides members with the maximum amount of opportunities.

Rethinking the Traditional Program Manager’s Role

In the shared services model, the shared services organization (The Card Collaborative International) becomes the super program manager engaging in direct relationships with banks, processors, and other service providers.

Marketing and Distribution

Portfolio Ownership


The traditional program manager becomes a marketing and distribution partner focusing on program development, marketing, and distribution channels - So the traditional program manager can concentrate on what it does best: selling and building its brand.

Within the shared services organization, the marketing and distribution partners retain their rights to their portfolios.  The shared services organization exists primarily to provide the members with access to valuable services and providers such as the issuing banks, processors, and other necessary vendors.

All revenues, less the issuing bank, processor, call center, and shared services organization fees are passed through to the marketing and distribution partner.  This is NOT a profit sharing or roll-up model.  The revenues go to the marketing and distribution partners directly.

The Future of Card Transaction Processing

Although the shared services organization utilizes multiple processors, our goal is to become our own processor and provide our members with discounted processing services that produce an end-to-end program management solution.  We are looking to finalize a definitive agreement with an existing card transaction processor by the end of 2015.  Why is this important?  Because we want to take control of new program implementation and quality.  One of the primary complaints with processors is that it takes too long to get new programs scheduled and implemented.  If we own and control our own processing platform, we can not only reduce processing costs, but can control the time it takes to implement programs.


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